I’m Blake, a maker of Windsor chairs and other custom furniture in my timber frame shop in Waco, Texas.  Each piece is individually crafted using a wide array of traditional hand tools as well as a limited number of machines as needed. 

My interest in woodworking goes back as far as I can remember.  When I was old enough to walk I would follow my Grandpa around his shop and be lost in everything I saw and smelled.  I even began working on some small projects with him at the ripe old age of three years old!

The process of working with my hands to produce heirloom pieces of furniture with a relatively simple collection of tools has been inspiring and greatly rewarding to me in the years that I have been fortunate enough to be immersed in the craft.  As a serious woodworker from 2011 on, I give my deepest thanks to the many instructors I’ve been privileged to study under especially during my intensive two year apprenticeship with the master craftsman at the Heritage School of Woodworking in Waco, TX.  Also many thanks to Peter Galbert, Greg Pennington and Curtis Buchanan for their invaluable tutorship into the world of Windsor Chairmaking.  My goal is to provide the highest quality chairs and other furniture that will be cherished by and outlast their owners.  I also aspire to pass on the skills I have learned to others through classes and general sharing of the information I have learned over the years.