Democratic Chair Templates


These 1/4” laser cut acrylic patterns are the perfect companion to Curtis Buchanan’s democratic chair plans found here: All Products

These are “Curtis approved” and he is excited to see how many people are building these chairs. A portion of the proceeds from these templates goes directly to Curtis as well.

The main advantage to purchasing these templates is that they account for the amount of shrinkage that is typical when the parts go from green to dry. I have tweaked the dimensions on these patterns over the course of TWO YEARS to achieve the optimal size so that once the part is shaped and then dry it is not oversized or undersized- especially in the critical areas such as the tenons. Curtis’s plans only show the “dry” dimensions of each fully shaped part.

Another “clear” advantage is the ability to see the wood grain through the acrylic template which helps align your part with the long wood fibers (the protective brown paper shown in the pics peals right off).
If that doesn’t make any sense, come on out and take a week long class with me…!

And last, having a set of ready to go templates means you can start working the wood much sooner than if you had to make and test your own plywood templates.
Each set includes a regular and rocker leg as well all stretchers and posts templates needed.

Note: the combined set gives you one leg template for the regular and rocking chair, and are the same for both the side and arm chair.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in

5 pieces for the side chair, 6 pieces for the arm chair, SPECIAL: 9 pieces for the side and arm chair


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Democratic Chair Templates